The Doctrine of the New

To all of who have read this article for the first time, this might be the hour that the Father will change your life entirely. This is the day appointed by the Almighty Father for your entrance to the door of your salvation and be changed forever more. This is the message that you probably did not encounter, but will finally be yours.

The Doctrine of the New talks about the New Creation, and we are a part of it. In the Church Age, the Christians were talking about this but they did not know what they were talking about. It is written there and it is easily read. You can read it easily, it’s already there. It’s all written in the New Testament.

Paul was talking about it. Our Lord Jesus Christ was talking about it. As long as you know how to read and write, you can read it and as long as you know how to talk you can teach it and preach it because it is all there. But just because you know all about it does not mean you already have it, because if you are not given the authority to do that, you will not be able to accomplish it because it is a spiritual work.

When you are given the chance, although you are given a chance to accomplish it, like those who were in the Church Age who were ahead of me, still you have to contend with your freedom of choice whether to complete it or whether to completely abandon it, whether to continue it or to abort it. Your freedom of choice will be manipulated by the serpent seed in order for you not to continue it. That is why after 1,935 years they did not accomplish it until the cut off date came and the spiritual work of the Almighty Father remained unfinished.

Now, I am talking about this because it has already been completed by the Appointed Son, completed by the Father using His Appointed Son. I am not talking about it because it is written. I am talking about this because I have accomplished it spiritually, because this is what we are spiritually. If you only pretend to be here and pretend to be renewed within and pretend to have the language of the new, you will be found out, you will find it out by yourself that it is not so.

That, our lives unto the Almighty Father is in worship in Spirit and in truth. And these are the worshipers that the Father is seeking after, those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

What is that spirit? The Spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will is the only truth in man that the Father wanted to have, that is the only truth that the Father wanted to have in us. Except that, everything you say, everything you live for is nothing to the Father, you will still face Him in judgment.

You will still be one of those who will complain. Father, did we not make miracles in Your name, Father, did I not cast out demons in Your name, Father, did I not make wonderful works in Your name, Father, did not I dedicate my life in Your name? And the Father will say, “Who are you? I do not know you. Depart from me you that do inequity”. Matthew 7:23.

That is not enough because this is what the Father wants you to accomplish that those two ages that have already passed and did not accomplish. But I still thank the Almighty Father that I stand before you, repeating over and over again from April 13, 2005 until now, through our telecast that is able to reach the four corners of the globe, calling all of His children to join the rapture, calling all His children to fly unto their nest and calling all of His children to join the ingathering.

I am here today talking about it again because this is who we are and what we are in the name of the Almighty. Why? Because we have eradicated through repentance the serpent seed, the spirit of disobedience within us against the Will of the Father. And we have now the new spirit that is coming from the Father that will teach us His ways. So, it is not hard for you right now to obey His Will because of that spirit that will give you power.

John 1:12 says, “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”

It is not easy to become a son of God after all. Why? It is because you have been empowered to become sons of the devil. When you are born with that will within you, it’s the engine of the devil. That is the power of the devil through your human will which is the serpent seed. The devil knows that.

So, when you are born, you are born with that already, automatically that engine is within you, you are empowered to do your own will so that you are so powerful, you are king to yourself. You are powerful sons and daughters of the devil. That is why there is a power play sometime in the home between the wife and the husband. Who will win? In the Philippines almost always it is the wife who always wins.

That power play in the home is just an example of the will that is within us that always contradicts the Will of the Almighty Father. That is a power not coming from the Almighty Father, it is coming from the devil that is your human will and it needs another power to overcome that. That is the power that comes from the Almighty to become, not a son of the devil, but the Son of God. He will give you the power to become the Son of God. He will give you the power so that you can obey and you can live the life that the Father wanted you to live.

The Church Age desired to become sons and daughters of the Almighty Father. In fact, they claim to be born again also. So, they have the chance to become sons and daughters of the Almighty Father.

They go to church, they do everything to sacrifice, they do everything to give, they do everything to please. In the Church Age you find that. They also go to church like us. They have the desire but almost always they get frustrated because they always go back to their own will, because they always go back to their old nature because that power is pulling them back. There is no power to become a son of God there. You have never been empowered to become a son or a daughter of God there. Your human will, which is the serpent seed that always pulls you down and you will end up obeying your will again. But, can you have the power to overcome that – that is a spiritual work.

They did not strengthen their freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will and the cut off date came, the Father will not deal with them anymore. Now, He is dealing to humans through His Appointed Son, who was also chosen. But I have strengthened my freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will no matter what, I was the first one. I am here sent by the Father as the completion of the Father’s work of salvation, and as a model to you.

I was empowered to do the Father’s Will. There is no more reason for you, not to overcome. There is no more reason, because I did it and I was just as ordinary as you. And I was able to do it, you can do it also. The power is going to be given to you. The power will help you. It will make it easy for you.

Do you know how to drive a bicycle? What is the power of a bicycle? Leg power, that is only good if you are on a flat surface. But in climbing a hill, leg power will give you cramps and finally you will find yourself powerless. So, what you do is go down from your bike and instead of you being supported by your bike, you support your bike, either you push it or you carry it.

What is the bike for? It is to help you speed up right now in an uphill climb. It’s as useless as there is no bike. Because it is now an obstacle and a heavy burden for you to have a bike in an uphill climb because the bike has no power, it depends on your leg power.

Mostly, those who were in the Church Age are riding a bicycle, on a flat surface. Everybody was happy. Nice, you can speed up, my leg will carry me. Leg powers all, all your own ability and your capacity to speed up is all yours. There is no power in your bicycle. It is all your leg power even on a flat surface on 42 kilometers. After finishing 42 kilometers, sure you will have cramps. That is why you will also rest. That is why you will also sometimes be tired and not be able to carry on. There is no more power in your legs especially in an uphill climb.

Most of those in the Church Age have leg power. They depend on their selves mostly. They pretend to depend on the Father, but there is no power within. It is always the power of the serpent seed that pulls them all down.

When you find yourself frustrated in trying to do the Will of the Almighty Father, you cannot just go down from your bike. There you will see all the followers “kuno” (Filipino language) of Jesus Christ who have backslid. They have not been happy of their service to Him, they left and they call themselves Christians but there is no power, having the form of Godliness but no power, denying the power thereof.

II Timothy 3:5
“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” They have the form of godliness and they look like they are in the Will of the Almighty Father but they have no power to continue doing His Will, no power to do righteousness. That is the reason why I am here today because He has called me for such a purpose. To you who have accepted my message: to you gave He power to become sons of God. What is a Son of God? A son or a daughter that is free, totally free of his or her own will. What is the will that is with you now? That is the Will of the Almighty Father.

It is hard to do the Will of the Almighty Father while you are on this earth today because everyone here will oppose you, will pull you down to the earth that is governed by the serpent seed. How can you ever do the Will of the Almighty Father if you are in the midst of the people or a generation of people who are disobedient to the Will of the Almighty Father? How can you do that? How can you live as a sheep in the midst of wolves without being eaten up? How can you? You need power. That is why He called me, He chose me for such a work and He empowered me first.

To all of you who have accepted my message He has given you power to become sons of God. He has given you power to live. He has given you power to live obediently only to the Almighty Father no matter what. Whether it is hilly or an uphill climb, whether it is a flat surface, whether it is going down, whether it is going up, He has given you power to continue.

What is that power? You came bringing your life with you. All you have is a bicycle. “Father through Your Son, I surrender my bicycle.” And when the Son gets your bicycle, do not worry. Now, Father what will I have? I am only walking. Leg power is good in the Christian Age. I still have that bicycle to propel some distance away, but right now, I will be walking. I have nothing. Do not worry because when the Father comes back He will give you back, not a bicycle but a motorcycle. From a bicycle that you gave to the Father, He will give you back a brand new motorcycle.

Because you know how to ride a bicycle, you also know how to ride a motorcycle but the difference is you do not use your own power, you do not use your own will. You do not use your own capacity to propel yourself. You just drive the motor of the motorcycle. That is why they call it a motorcycle because it has a motor.

That is the power of that motorcycle. You do not have to do something but just ride and push on the accelerator, the way you want it to go, in what speed you want the motorcycle will take you. In an uphill climb it is like nothing, in the flat surface, it is like nothing, going down especially is nothing. You will start very fresh. You will arrive very fresh.

Everyday you walk, every day you follow Him, as if it is nothing. No matter what the obstacle or persecution is, what the persecution is, it is all an uphill climb, that’s nothing to me. I have the power to change gear when it is too stiff, it is like nothing. When you had a bicycle before you surrendered, I cannot continue, I cannot endure. My God, I just stay here. I just go down and find the easy path.

That is what He meant by the words He will give you power to become sons and daughters of the Almighty Father. Some of you have been with me for 25 years but your faith did not diminish, your joy has not been taken away. You were as fresh as when you started. Until now, there is joy in your heart, until now there is power in your worship, you did not grow weary. Until now you are empowered to do the Will of the Almighty Father no matter what. When it is a dreary climb or an uphill climb or flat surface or going down, no matter what the circumstances, your faith is as strong as when you started. It never wavered, it never got weak, it is as strong as before.

Sometimes one of those who got a new motorcycle had accidents because they ran too fast and sometimes they drove through brick wall. Be careful. That is the only admonition the Father can give to you. Be careful. In spiritual traffic, you can get accident because you are running too fast. Be careful. That is why you have Coordinators. That is why we have traffic signs. That is why we have that and say “you run too fast”. Hey, that is going through a curve. Be careful. Hey, that is going to the right. Be careful. There’s a cliff there, be careful. That is our admonition only. But the power is still within you.

Are you empowered today? You are empowered to worship, empowered to serve Him, no matter what, in smooth times, in bad times and in slippery times, no matter what the circumstances is. You are now a professional motorcycle driver. You know what to do in a downhill climb, you have your breaks. In an uphill climb, you have changed gear, the power is the same. In smoother times, you know what to do. There is a new power in you because a new motor was given to you, a new motor of obedience to the Almighty Father no matter what.

Those are the characteristics of people who have been empowered and they have been given the New Heaven and a New Earth. April 13, 2005 is the end of the Church Age and the ushering in of the Kingdom Age. It is also the inauguration of the new order of things.

Revelation 21:1 says, “And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

John saw the New Heaven and the New Earth in his vision. You know the interpretation of that, before it is physical, it is spiritual. What is the old heaven? The old heavens of the Jewish and the Church Age is their belief system that they hold on to, that they believe would get them to heaven if they hold on to that system of belief. That is why you are there and there is not only one heaven there, they have many heavens.

There are also Jewish heaven and earth. What did Jesus Christ say of the Jewish heaven and earth? “Heaven and earth” that is the Jewish heaven and earth “will pass away” that is the Jewish belief system of the Temple, of the animal sacrifices. And the Jewish earth was the people that received those teachings because that is where those teachings are planted, within them. There are four kinds of soil or earth. The first one is the hard wayside kind of soil, the second is the stony soil, the third is the thorny soil and the fourth is the good soil. If you belong to the first three, you are a candidate to rejection. Only the fourth is exempted.

What will you do if you belong to the first one, the wayside? Yield to the Father’s Will. Let Him work on you so that you will soften to a good kind of soil, the good earth. If you belong to the second one, which is very shallow, very stony, what will you do? Yield, so that the Father can cultivate you, take out all of those stones that make you shallow, so that you can qualify to the fourth kind of soil. If you belong to the third, what will you do? Yield to Him, take out all the thorns, so kind of soil that you can qualify to become the fourth because only the fourth can be accepted to the Father’s Will. That is the only soil where He can plant His seed.

That is the good earth. That is the New Earth where the Father can plant His seed and they will bear fruits. He will produce sons and daughters through you as He has produced sons and daughters through me. That is the reason why you are here today because of me. Now, can you ask yourself, can I look to five hundred people because of me? I was made their example.


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While waiting for subways to be built or for our satellite to or orbit in space, perhaps the next leader should focus on washing the grime off our urban centers and lead the renewal of livable habitats.

– Pastor Apollo Quiboloy


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Facebook Transformation -Plumbline by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Facebook was once the quiet    place where one can unwind after a day’s labor. It was the decompression chamber that can all purge all the stress.

I remember a friend telling me that reading the cascading newsfeeds of his account was like resting on rocking chair with a lemonade on hand while enjoying the cool evening breeze on a veranda.

A high school chum posts a joke and you let out the same loud guffaw that greeted his schoolyard pranks many decades ago. You click the “like” button on a cousin’s announcement that she is now a lola.

A former co-worker pins a high-def photo of a basin of humba, and    before the neurons in your brain can rouse the hunger pangs in you, you PM him for the recipe. A neighbor posts a clip of a movie, and you make a mental note of it.

You use it as a tracking device in following a relative’s sojourn across the United States and once he shares an album of photos of cousins you grew up with and had migrated there, nostalgia overcomes you—but not powerful  enough to suppress your chuckles as you survey the expanding waistlines and receding hairlines of once reed-thin teens with mops of hair.

But FB nowadays has undergone a transformation. I hope it is temporary.

Digital “slam books” routed    among friends no longer dominate its contents. In their place are propaganda pieces, virtual posters of candidates who have brought their campaign to cyberspace.

Instead of personal updates, political communiqués are being spilled out.

It has become an LED billboard where  ads of wannabes are shared by partisans. Youtube spots by candidates blare constantly. If it were once a park with soothing greenery, it has become a riotous Plaza Miranda where everyman with a bullhorn has a soapbox to mount.

Still, all of this would have been tolerable if the pamphleteering    were confined to articles propping up one’s chosen candidate.  Unfortunately, the dominant kind are articles pulling down the opponent.

As a result, FB has become a    battlefront in the propaganda war.    One nasty meme begets a nastier    reply. Satirical pieces are produced    in industrial scale. Not long after a candidate has put out an ad, a lampoon version would soon be competing for viewership.

Thankfully, FB has an unfollow button, a click of which has the effect of canceling subscription from a friend.

That’s  the way of blocking his posts from contaminating your newsfeed once he annoyingly auto-shares everything positive about his candidate without    having    to unfriend him.

But partisans should be told    that oversharing and overreacting in social media, and engaging in tit-for-tat, toe-to-toe propaganda war with friends in the other camps harm more than help their candidate.

Whether it is a politico or a detergent, aggressive marketing destroys whatever is being peddled. Even soap vendors don’t knock at doors at  midnight. Timing is the key.

In other words, there are better ways to convince social media friends to vote for your candidate      other than bombarding them with campaign literature.

And if it’s hate speech that is being retailed, the greater the alienation the supposed receiver of that information would feel for the source.

To those who boost their candidate by bashing the competition, remember this: If you jeer more than you cheer, you hurt more than you help    your cause.

For this is the truth: When hard sell turns off the objects of your courtship, then far from adding votes for your candidate, it actually deducts votes    from them.

Partisans should remember that they’re agents of their principal, and their behavior, even in cyberspace, would affect the overall campaign.

For example, if a partisan with 1,500 FB friends habitually jeers the 20 or so friends who support other candidates, the majority of his friends who are still sitting on the fence would surely notice the abrasive way he pursues his crusade.

He would not only lose friend but lose votes for his candidate as well.

The truth is there is a large “market vote” out there waiting to be convinced. No candidate has yet reached the tipping point. Because every vote counts, then verbally bamboozling supporters of    other candidates is not    the way to win them over.

The way to make believers out of them is through language that is kind, gentle and understanding, and used in a discourse that respects  healthy contrarian views. As they say, words that generate light, not heat.

And if your candidate is leading the polls, the greater the humility be. Tolerance beats triumphalism anytime of the day.

One should leave the acerbic, below-the-belt, ad hominem attacks to the main actors and their surrogates on the national stage.   Civility should guide the way we campaign among friends and in the community.

‘Spiritual Revolution’ is the Answer for the Philippines – by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

“If you want to change your heart and have a prosperous, peaceful, united Philippines, listen to me” – Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

Spiritual Revolution changes the heart of man. It topples down the old spirit of disobedience which is the serpent seed that embedded in man, and enthrones the spirit of obedience to the Father’s will.

The real problem is the heart of man. If you will not change your heart through spiritual revolution, you will never know what peace and unity is.

When our hearts and spirits are tuned to obedience to His will, we receive not only remedial and temporal blessings but eternal blessings as well.



The King is Coming Tour 2015 – Vallejo, California, USA (Nov.15, 2015)

In the golden state of California, United States of America. Its road to success was not an easy one but was rather marked with challenges that would persuade not as facades but opportunities to grow in faith, trust and obedience to the Almighty Father’s words as exemplified by the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Now, the Kingdom work in this global superpower has increasingly grown and expanded resulting to the multiplication of the sentinels of light and the birth of Sons and Daughters of the Almighty Father all over the United States.

The successful thanksgiving and worship presentation in the North American territory curious piece of the outstanding work of his drawing in the United States of America.

And the victories that the Kingdom Nation is now reaping do not stop just there as it occur another spiritual conquest, another global spiritual harvest as the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s King is Coming Tour 2015 goes further up north of Americas golden state San Francisco California, USA.


Erap, Dick, Gibo seek Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s endorsement

Nagkita-kita ang ilang presidential candidates sa Davao, hindi para sa isang forum kundi para suyuin ang maimpluwensiyang religious leader na si Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Target ng mga kandidato na makuha ang endorsement ni Quiboloy.

LIVE Sounds of Worship in Davao – Feb 14, and in Cebu Feb21, 2010 with Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

The silver anniversary year has just kicked off, As the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has declared, Year of Unprecedented Blessings

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name will rise to heights far beyond compare and bring the glory of the Almighty Father throughout the nations of the world.

Take part of the continuing year-long celebration of the 25th Kingdom Anniversary as Pastor Apollo tours the Kingdom Light Congregations around the globe for these momentous thanksgiving and worship presentations:

On February 7, white-robed Kingdom Citizens welcome the silver year at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Cathedral in Davao City, Philippines.

On the following week, February 14, 4PM witness another marvelous manifestation of powerful praise and worship as hundreds of thousands of Kingdom Citizens gather at the Jesus Christ Open Field

And on February 21, come to the Cebu International Convention Center where another huge crowd of Kingdom Citizens gather to meet the Son in this one of a kind spiritual gathering.

Take part of these remarkable events as history once more unfolds
The 25th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name
With the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

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